Around the area of what is known as Ciociaria (the area that more or less covers the province of Frosinone) lie three abbeys of particular religious importance, also worth a visit for their charming appearance. All three are Benedictine monasteries that still operate today, with Casamari and Certosa di Trisulti dating from around 1000AD. Montecassino however was founded much earlier by St. Benedict himself, who once he had established it remained at the site until his death.

The Abbey of Casamari was founded in the 9th century and has many areas open to the public for visiting. As well as being a classic example of early-Gothic Architecture, visitors are able to see an archaeological museum displaying relics found around the area; a functional library that has been in place since its founding; a pharmacy dating from around 1700, which presents antique remedies and still sells many products made by the monks themselves. If you prefer a guided tour, just let us know and we can organise a guide together with transport to and from La Vignola.

Certosa di Trisulti is situated on the slopes of Mount Rotonaria, 825m above sea level. The original buildings were constructed in a Gothic style, but most have since been rebuilt during the Baroque era. Amongst the vast array of beautiful buildings and gardens enclosed within the abbey walls, there is also a quaint church and a monastic pharmacy decorated with perfectly preserved frescoes from the 18th century. A guided tour can also be arranged if required.

On the other hand, Montecassino is situated on a rocky hill that overlooks the modern city of Cassino. It is of particularly strategic importance due to its position, and was the site of The Battle of Montecassino in 1944 when the Allies battled against the Nazi Forces for four months. In fact, there are many Allied Forces' cemeteries honouring the fallen, which resulted in around 75,000 fatalities. Again, an individual tour for Montecassino and its surrounding cemeteries can be arranged on request. 

La Vignola can organise day trips to all three abbeys, departing in the morning and returning either before or after dinner.

Entrance to Casamari Abbey

Certosa di Trisulti


The Polish War Cemetery at Montecassino