Come CookInItalia - An Italian Cooking Holiday

Come join us for an unforgettable experience! Learn how to cook from the Italians, using traditional techniques and recipes passed down through generations and taught by our resident chef.

Those who love food can discover authentic secrets in a relaxed and friendly environment, meeting people with the same passion under the glorious Mediterranean sun.

Let our staff take you through the real traditions of Italian cuisine in practical and easy-to-follow sessions. Each lesson has been specially studied to give an insight into the philosophy that has made Italy the number one place for exquisite food and drink.

A total hands-on approach where importance is placed on having fun whilst learning to cook

You will be taught to appreciate the many nuances and characteristics of ingredients for making pasta, pizza and genuine sauces that will blow away your dinner guests at home! Each session is based on a particular theme and a typical week includes around 20 hours of insights, secrets, practical lessons and pure enjoyment

In the evening you will get the chance to savour your toils together with your classmates on the terrace, accompanied with a selection of fine wines selected by our sommelier to exalt the flavours of your meal (or in alternative, there is the chance to choose from the Federici family's vast Enoteca at an extra cost). In total we usually offer around five intense lessons of 3-4 hours with a couple of short preparatory sessions that last about an hour.

From Farm to Table

To complement these themed menus, there are also accompanied trips to some of the area's traditional producers. In fact, the region is well-known throughout Italy for its fertile land and has a long agricultural heritage for products such as olive oil, buffalo mozzarella, wine, truffles and succulent wheat for bread and pasta to name just a few!
The entire week is ideal for all levels of expertise and covers things such as the basics of homemade pasta and succulent sauces to local liqueurs, desserts and traditional ice cream.


The course runs throughout the year, with special periods that coincide with seasonal harvesting. Booking your culinary holiday during the following dates will make your stay even more enjoyable:

  • Late September - Grape harvest and winemaking
  • Late October/Early November - Olive harvest and production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For more details, drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call. We are working on finalising the definitive itineraries for 2016, which we will publish on this website together with prices for this unforgettable experience.